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A 360° coaching program tailored to empower startup founders in their business, body, mind, and network.

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Feeling the weight of startup pressures? Advance™ is your ally and secret weapon, helping you to transform overwhelming obstacles into stepping stones for success and growth.



guided growth

Where businessstrategy meetspersonal mastery

  • In depth coaching calls every two weeks
  • Ongoing Whatsapp, Email and Phone Support

Every startup journey is fraught with unforeseen challenges and self-doubt, where the weight of every business decision bears down heavily. It's a tightrope walk with unique challenges and critical decisions at every step of the way.

Guided Growth offers a sounding board for crucial business decisions, as well as a sparring partner to navigate the complexities of leadership and to enhance your company’s performance. This is coaching redefined – where business acumen and personal mastery converge, turning hurdles into stepping stones.



Tailoredtraining forpeak performance

  • 360° Health Check up via multiple lab tests
  • personalised nutrition, exercise and supplement recommendations

The entrepreneurial grind often sidelines personal health, leaving founders drained and verging on the edge of burn out.

Enter Body Boost — not just another fitness regimen, but an extensive, science-based solution. Starting with a series of detailed lab tests, we decode your body's unique needs and imbalances. The result? A tailored roadmap spanning nutrition, exercise, and supplementation. Refuel, re-energize, and rejuvenate with recommendations made just for you.



From blindspots toclarity & strength

  • Comprehensive Onboarding assessments
  • Personalised exercises, mental models and tools

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or constantly running into similar pitfalls? From deep-rooted patterns to hidden blind spots, the startup journey often brings up unresolved issues within ourselves.

"Mind Mastery" helps you shed light on these unseen forces. A comprehensive assessment unveils hidden hindrances and paves the way for a personalised program to help you move beyond mere coping to genuine growth. Transforming stress into strength and ambiguity into acute clarity.



From solostruggles tocollective conquests

  • Monthly masterminds + evening talks
  • Quarterly workshops with guest teachers

Ever felt that pang of loneliness, staring at your screen, wondering if you're the only founder facing this chaos? Here's the truth: you're not alone. But we get it, it sure feels like it.

With Founder fellowship, you don’t just join a group. You join a lifeline. An insider club where founders 'get' each other. Swap stories, share nightmares, and celebrate those small victories. It's more than a network; it's your startup safety net.


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Advance™will help you

Effortlessly navigate through business decisions, with newfound clarity and deep insight

Radiate health and vitality, feel energized and at the peak of your game

Streamline focus on your core strengths, confidently letting go of non-essentials

Thrive within a vibrant founder community, building deep, lasting connections

Break barriers and constantly scale new heights, leaving growth plateaus in the dust

Collaborate harmoniously with your team, turning conflicts into growth opportunities


The team thathelps you advance

Sebastian Dienst Sebastian Dienst is the Founder and Lead Coach of Advance™. With over 15 years of experience co-founding multiple businesses and two decades studying mind-body wisdom traditions, Sebastian brings a unique blend of expertise in supporting founders to breakthrough challenges and to activate their highest potential. His transformational approach helps clients authentically pioneer change by connecting with their essence and pioneering change from a place of self-knowledge. Blending analytical and intuitive methods, Sebastian guides individuals to unlock their innate capacities for influential, wholehearted leadership.

Sophia Wachner Dr. Sophia Wachner leads a private practice in Munich focused on functional and nutritional medicine. She supports clients through customized programs integrating lab work, nutrition therapy, herbal remedies and mind-body practices. Dr. Wachner empowers individuals by addressing the underlying factors behind fatigue, digestive issues, autoimmunity and other common concerns. Her integrative yet results-driven approach has helped many entrepreneurs deal with intense stress and to live from a place of greater balance. Blending analytical data with intuition, she empowers clients to realize their highest health and performance potential.


Who can benefit from Advance?

Our program is tailored for founders of tech startups who are seeking to grow their business, develop personal leadership skills, maintain their health under pressure, and build a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

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